Episode 30 – Dear Diaspora (In English)

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TRANSCRIPT (not proofread)

This is an episode about Armenian Diaspora, and basically for Armenian Diaspora.

But this is not a sweet vanilla episode, this is not a diplomatic bullshit, this is an opinion of a citizen of Armenia about our Diaspora. This episode was not created to thank you, because:

a) I cannot thank you enough, none of us can thank you enough;

and b) I do not think honest deeds from heart need any thanks.

This episode might shock you and shake you, dear Diaspora, nevertheless I hope it will serve as a bitter pill, which will eventually cure you.

I have seen numerous prominent diaspora Armenians, but I have also witnessed the division and disrespect towards the citizens of Armenia by the Diaspora. I have witnessed Armenian churches outside Armenia, divided between Diaspora Armenians and citizens of the of Armenia.

I have met higher class Diaspora Armenians treating me like a third world citizen and then, eventually, regretting and apologizing about that. Making me feel uncomfortable for a 70 years old man apologizing for what he said 20 minutes ago. Said before even knowing me.

There are a few rules, dear Diaspora, than you should learn. And I don’t think anyone ever taught you those rules.

So, dear Diaspora, if you are ready to listen to what a citizen of Armenia thinks of you and if you are ready to improve, listen on.

  • Now, Rule no. 1. Just like Armenia is nothing without Diaspora, you are nothing without Armenia and Artsakh. No Armenia and Artsakh means no Diaspora. If there is no Armenia and Artsakh in the world and on the map, whose Diaspora are you gonna be? Remember this, no Armenia — no Diaspora.
  • Rule no. 2. If you really love Armenia, not just by saying, but truly, then you need to love each and every citizen of the Armenia and Artsakh. Love towards Armenia means love towards the citizens of Armenia. Not only love, but respect. You need to treat every citizen of Armenia and Artsakh as super Armenian, as a hero, because they are. Because they witness all the sour reality and unpleasant truth every day, because they are being fired and shot by Azeri regular army every day. So, remember they are super Armenians and heroes. And they need to be treated as such.

So, whenever and wherever you see a citizen of Armenia or a citizen of Artsakh, approach him or her, offer everything you can offer, support, guidance, job, food, money, love. This should be your mantra, to help citizens of Armenia and Artsakh whenever and wherever you meet them. You need to wake up with the thought about how to help a citizen of Armenia/Artsakh you might meet today. You need to feel and show the ultimate respect towards every citizen of Armenia. Citizens of Armenia and Artsakh are diamonds on your iron crown. That crown is just a piece of iron without diamonds. Remember that.

  • Rule no. 3. Your life goal should be to become one of them, to become a citizen of Armenia and thus, to become a super Armenian. Alright? Remember, you are not a super Armenian today, because you are not one of us, you are not a citizen of the Republic of Armenia. You did not deserve that privilege yet. And you might never become a super Armenian, if you are not a citizen of Armenia. Tattoo this rule on your brain.
  • Rule no 4. Do not tell the citizens of the of Armenia or Artsakh what’s better for them. Because I do not want the citizens of Turkey, Iran, USA, Russia, etc. tell me what to do. Alright? I do not want people who pronounced “I solemnly swear” to another state teach me what’s better for my state. I will never tell you what is better for your country too, because the citizens should decide.

Want to change Armenia for better? Become a citizen of Armenia first, obtain the right to vote, than tell us how to vote and what to do. Because you look pathetic, you look like someone telling a chef how to cook, but you never bother to enter the kitchen. And I do not mean coming to Armenia. You can come as much as you want, you are most welcome, but you have no right to teach me how to live in my country.

  • Rule no. 5. Do not give us money. We do not need your money, especially if you do not trust the management of that money will be fair. You want to help Armenia or Artsakh (and by Armenia I mean, of course, my fellow citizens of Armenia and Artsakh)? You want to help Armenia? We will tell you what you should do. That will either be paying for our education, having certain stocks in the startups, planting trees or else. But do not give us cash. We do not need your cash, send it to less developed countries, if you wish. If you want to share skills, welcome, if you want to invest (and this is, by the way, our next rule), welcome, you want to pay for the Armenian citizens’ education, choose a gifted kid and do so. In other words, if you want to help, ask us how first. Alright?
  • Rule No. 6. Create businesses in Armenia. Open jobs. Pay salaries for the job well performed, not as humanitarian support. I know Swiss, American, Italian, French guys opening businesses in Armenia and feeling great. I know numerous Diaspora Armenians opening businesses in Armenia and also feeling great. You know them too. So, one step towards your dream of becoming a citizen of Armenia is doing a startup here or investing in an existing startup. And do not worry about the language barrier or translation. Young generation speaks good English and although we sometimes speak with accent, it does not mean we think with accent.
  • Rule No. 7. You do not need to come to Armenia to monitor our elections. And of course you do not need to come to Armenia to occupy police stations, hold hostages, kill policemen, burn their cars and demand political change. Because of the reasons described in the Rule 4., but also, but also because the citizens of Armenia can monitor elections themselves, like we did in the last two. Citizens of Armenia can organize social protests, we can reach our targets, protect our parks and stop energy price increase or transportation price increase ourselves. If you do not believe this, then you simply do not know who the citizens of the Republic of Armenia are.

Finally, you need to repeat these rules in your mind and think about them every day. You need to understand the logic and idea and reasons behind each rule. You need to enlighten yourself and depart from the state of a brainwashed sheep. You need to develop, dear Diaspora, yes, you need to develop. There is always a room for improvement. For everyone.

Keep well


5 Replies to “Episode 30 – Dear Diaspora (In English)”

  1. First of all , you need to put superiority idea down , that there is the Super Armenian , because based on the same logic u provided , the Syria, Iraq, Lebanon Armenians have been killed and kidnaped just because they were Armenians …
    Second there can be diaspora without Armenia , and it always was for more than 100 years(soviet era) , and even if you’ll tell me there was at Least Armenia on map , I will tell you that jews had diaspora for more than 2000 years before they created Israel again, I’m not saying that I don’t need Armenia , it’s just that forget the Idea that you have control over us.
    Third , if somone who is from diaspora and tells you how to do something better , that’s because he have been living in more civilized and advanced country and he wants to show you how you can achieve that goal too…. even if he don’t want to be the “Supper Armenian” he knows something and he’s trying to help you , so no need to tell do not tell me what to do, as if you are the all knowing.
    Fourth , Forget about rules , after all we are equal , and if you think just because you were born in Armenia gives you a privilege to be the “Super Armenian” , tomorrow maybe a war starts and you will be forced to leave and live in diaspora, so you become one of us ,
    Fifth , I recommend every Diaspora Armenian to come and monitor the elections , since there is high corruption ratio , 2 eyes is better than 1 eye . sixth , everybody has the right to do whatever he likes with his money , so no need to make it a rule (as I’m against the idea of the rule altogether) but you can suggest it , and I find your Idea about creating businesses very good , and I have been implementing it since more than 4 years , but again and again don’t speak like you’re the all knowing boss because after all nobody will hear you that way.
    finally , don’t play on Nationalism strings , don’t try to invoke sympathy by saying they are under azeri soldiers shots , we know that , and as I mentioned middle east Armenians are in great danger too, so open your heart , and clean your mind , if you want the Diaspora to realy helps citizen of Armenia and Artsakh, Not by speaking in terms of rules yet by open and friendly discussion.

    1. Ok, let me start by saying that citizenship to me means more than nationality. This is, first.

      Second, comparing us to the Jewish people (I need to honestly thank you for bringing that example). Now that they finally have a state after 2000 years of being stateless, they truly understand what being the citizen of that state means. It is indeed a lifetime goal of every diaspora Jew. All diaspora Jews I know have the the citizenship of Israel as the second passport. All of them. And that is exactly what I am talking about. And although Jewish Diaspora does a lot for Israel, even if you are a Jew who gave billions to the state of Israel, you have no voice in Israel if you are not a citizen.

      Third, it is not about who controls who, it is not about who is superior, etc., but without the Republic of Armenia you are like modern day Assyrians, Yazidi or other nations without a state. Ask any Assyrian or Yazidi what they would do if one day, all of a sudden their dream comes true and they have a state. 99% will say they will take the second citizenship. My friend, it is not about preservation of the nation and culture today, we have heroically and successfully preserved it for centuries. Done. Today it is about the preservation and protection of the state. We still do not realize we have a state. The only state where Armenian is the official language. Today it is about loving Armenia, protecting Armenia and developing Armenia.

      Fourth, I think you missed the part where I say “If you want to share experience, welcome”. I think you missed it. Otherwise you would not write that “Diaspora lived in a more civilized countries and can teach you.” I always welcome sharing the knowledge. But I will tell you the following. Armenia is a civilized country itself, a member of Council of Europe. Armenia in 1991 and Armenia in 2017 are two very different Armenias. Today Armenia produces smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and even smart wallets. You know what we miss? You guessed, citizens.

      Coming back to Super Armenian thing. I think this really bothered you. And you do not want someone to be superior. But you know what? To me, the country occupied by, lets say, non-friendly neighbors shooting our villages, who manages to become the Olympic champion and produce all those smart things, is a country of super people. And it doesn’t bother me to say that those villagers who live by the border are muuuuuch more superior than me. The guys who design the smart wallet in Armenia are muuuuch more superior than me.

      Finally, Middle Eastern Armenians who suffer war right now. I was trying to understand why they did not move to Armenia in 1991, when Armenia became independent. And I do not understand why they are still there today, but not in Armenia. The Republic of Armenia, that little occupied country with no resources sends humanitarian support to Syria today, provides shelter to those who moved to Armenia, provides super discounted loans, etc. But you know what’s pity? Living in Armenia today, some of my Syrian-Armenian brothers still do not take the Armenian citizenship. To escape the army. They still think they live in an odar state and they do not have to protect it, they still do not realize we have a state now. Just like millions of other diasporans. I am so sorry to witness that.

      Just for you to know, I am hopelessly cosmopolitan and tolerant, so I simply cannot play on nationalism string. As I said, citizenship to me means more than nationality.

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